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Consider Helping Others in Need Right Now Through Your Hunting Efforts

Outdoor Opportunities
By COL(Ret.) Grey D. Berrier II

“I like making them (person #1)! I like eating them (person #2)!” If you’re under 45, you probably won’t get this reference because it was the tag line from a series of 1979 TV commercials for Ortega taco shells. At the time, Ortega was at the forefront of introducing Mexican cuisine into American diets. I have to admit their advertising worked because tacos have been a regular menu item in our family ever since and it’s just one recipe we typically use ground deer meat for. Well, the other day while I was enjoying a delicious homemade meatball sandwich, made with fresh ground venison from my 2020 buck, a slightly different version of that old TV commercial catch phrase came to my mind as I started thinking about deer. It went something like this: “I really like hunting them, but I also really enjoy eating them!” The truth is venison is a high quality protein source with low fat content and you just can’t get more organic, nutritious red meat than what comes directly from the forests, fields, and woodlots of Penn’s Woods.

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