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Plowman’s Appeal Helps Share Venison with Food Banks

By Doyle Dietz

For the Sunday News-Item

With another archery deer season approaching in Pennsylvania—it is already underway regionally in Wildlife Management Unit 5C—the time has come for Hunters Sharing the Harvest executive direction, John Plowman, to make his annual appeal for deer donations to be processed into venison and distributed to food banks, soup kitchens and needy families.

Plowman’s annual appeal is readily answered by bowhunters who find the opportunity to help the needy so appealing, and this year, the United Bow Hunter of Pennsylvania is again partnering with HSH by urging its members to participate in a venison charity program network. It is also providing support by recommending UBP members consider extending hunting access by allowing fellow hunters the opportunity to hunt their land.

“Since 1991, our alliances with many statewide hunting groups, including the UBP, has collectively made a significant difference for successfully delivering the right ethical and fair chase deer management message via the HSH program,”Plowman said. “It’s a simple common-sense blueprint—landowner problems with just too many deer within WMU 5C counties can be reduced by allowing experienced UBP bowhunters access to legally hunt and harvest deer.”

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